Live from #SMMW14: Mobile hangouts for conference coverage

Using Google+ Hangouts for live event coverage

Using Google+ Hangouts for live event coverage

In this special edition of Google+ Business Spotlight, we caught up in real life (IRL) with two Hangouts on Air (HOA) hosts, Mia Voss and Christine DeGraff. Mia, Christine, and our own Ben are part of a “street team” that is broadcasting live from trade events using Hangouts on Air. This was a fun discussion of how the technology merges with real life to create extremely strong bonds and relationships.

And we got to meet a newcomer to Google+, Instagram expert Sue B. Zimmerman. Her insights on how to incorporate Instagram into live event networking were an amazing addition to this show.

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Show notes

3:22 – Christine talks about the HOA Street Team, how it got started, and how the HOA Street Team can be ongoing with different teams for different events.

6:19 – Ben talks about mobile HOA’s and streaming sessions.

8:54 – Sue talks about Instagram and how you can utilize social media at trade shows. How you can search hashtags and connect with people you know are going to be at the event.

11:34 – Ben talks about how you can craft visual stories on Instagram.

12:59 – Sue talks about how you want you images to show who you are, but you want to show value as well. Make sure you have a call to action and have relevant descriptions and high quality photos.

In other words, stop posting pics of your coffee, your plane tickets, and your hotel room key. Use the show’s hashtags to dip into the conversation and buzz with a story that represents your brand and business.

16:02 – Sue talks about cross pollinating on other social media sites. For example, a URL in an Instagram post isn’t clickable, but when you cross-post it to Facebook or Twitter, it can be clicked.

20:52 – Stephan recaps

23:08 – Sue talks about custom hashtags, and how you can add custom hashtags to a post after the fact and it will still curate with all your other pictures.

25:03 – Ben talks about how you can tag people on Instagram after your post is live (you can tag people in photos on Google+, but you cannot edit your post to +mention someone and send them a notification that they were mentioned).

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