Susan Serra on Hangouts, Kitchen Design, and Google+

Susan Serra on Hangouts, Kitchen Design, and Google+

Susan Serra on Hangouts, Kitchen Design, and Google+

Expert kitchen designer, Susan Serra, has built a powerful brand for herself, and is now combining her passion for design with Google+ technology to kick her brand up a notch.

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Show notes

1:49 – Susan talks about herself, her business and her blog.

4:53 – Susan talks about G+ and how it helped her business and brand.

6:40 – Susan talks about collaborating and moderating in the G+ community.

8:00 – Ben Asks how Susan uses G+ and how she interacts with her audience.

8:12 – Susan answers – Uses G+ to share information, engage with people.

10:23 – Stephan – How do you balance tech/knowledge of G+ with design business?

12:21 – Susan talks about how you need to be passionate and interested in other people and how G+ lets you do that.

15:25 – Susan talks about wanting to focus more on consulting and how G+, and other sites, help to keep her up to date on what’s happening in the industry.

17:04 – Question from Jeffrey Johnson – What do you recommend for someone trying to build a brand for themselves on G+?

20:15 – Ben talks about how Susan is doing the opposite of what most people do while building their brand.

21:00 – Ben asks if Susan is leveraging the expertise in G+ to gain more attention from journalists and other people?

21:13 – Susan talks about how being authoritative helps people to find her and how, if you have real experience with something, you can talk about it (and be critical) without being negative.

25:55 – Question from Marilyn Moore – How are you using and leveraging Helpouts?

29:02 – Ben talks about Helpouts, strategy and building relationships.

30:03 – Stephan talks about Helpouts and sometimes offering them for free.

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