The ROI of Brand Conversations on Social Media – Canva

The ROI of Brand Conversations on Social Media – Canva

AIR DATE: Monday, June 9th, 2014, 5pm ET
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This week we welcome Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick of Canva  talk about How Canva is using Google+. Clearly, we are enamored with the image creation service, and how it helps us create beautiful images for Google+, other social sites, and our blogs. But what goes on behind the scenes as far as Google+ is concerned? Let’s find out!

How did you two get connected with Canva?

About two minutes in, Peg lets us in on how she wanted to keep Canva a secret weapon for herself and Guy’s content. But I guess it was tough to keep Canva a secret from Canva themselves, because they noticed some of Guy’s content coming from Canva and reached out to them.

What’s with our attraction to tools?

As power users of all things social media, tools are a big part of the job. Trying out every tool to find the best use (or not) for your business is critical, and in Peg’s case, Canva basically allowed her to elevate her game.

But tools can do more than just help you elevate your game and be more productive:

  • In Ben’s case, Canva filled in a gap (no graphic skills) that was a barrier to publishing blog posts. He had great content, but his blog would fall flat without eye-catching imagery that has become a staple in content marketing.
  • In Guy’s case, the Canva designers are inspirational. They are coming out with so many amazing designs, that he wants to write content just to be able to use and share the designs.
  • In Stephan’s case, he has graphic design skills, but being able to use a tool like Canva to streamline the process of creating templates and support content for his shows, and to have the ability to delegate them with Canva’s collaborative tools, is a huge plus.

Sidebar: If you are a budding author, get a copy of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by using Canva and sharing a tweet that uses a Canva image with the hashtag #canvaconvert. If you want an on-screen demo check out Guy’s design prowess at 10:45 (Limited time offer)

Okay, back to Google+…

The community of Google+ has totally embraced Canva, is there going to be a Canva-run community?

Some brands use Google+ communities for support and outreach (and even lead-gen in some cases). In our GoDaddy interview, we learned that GoDaddy does not have their own community, but supports a user-created one for resellers. Why? When your support channels are amazing, like the case with GoDaddy, and Canva, you want to direct people to them. In Canva’s case, the same goes for the vibrant and talented photography community on Google+ that could easily be nurtured and led to Canva’s designers program for uploading premium photos to be used in their tool. Direct them to your official channels and be there in any fan-based communities to help and support.

At the 17-minute mark, we get into a really great discussion about how Google+ communities can be used by brands. We didn’t all agree on why brands should (or should not) own communities, which means some fantastic points were made, so go watch that segment.

Hey, guess what Ben created after the show?

All these hangouts, coverage, you name it, is this paying off?

Absolutely! Hangouts and webinars have been most effective for signups, and Canva is giving both Guy and Peg the platform to test out all the best practices and theories they talk about all the time. It’s a lot harder to build a brand page than a personal brand. Here are some things they’re monitoring:

  • Onboarding (new signups)
  • Completed designs
  • Follower count
  • Web traffic

It’s incredibly difficult to track specifics from social media, so look at the momentum in metrics like the four above as how your social media efforts are working.


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