Page Fights: Google+ Hangouts with out the Google+ part

Page Fights: Google+ Hangouts with out the Google+ part

AIR DATE: Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 12:30pm ET
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This week we welcome Georgiana Laudi & Tia Kelly from Unbounce as well as Tommy Walker from ConversionXL to talk about their landing page “contest” Page Fights.

Page Fights is a live on-air critique of landing pages that was done not just using Hangouts On Air, but also a broader array of social and web marketing. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to expand on the idea of using Hangouts On Air for business, that doesn’t use the “talking head” approach, this is the show to watch!

Google+ Business Spotlight recap

In a previous show concept, Tommy realized that the video for Hangouts on Air could be embedded into a web page like any other YouTube video, along with a Twitter feed for a hashtag, email list signup, and any other content that Tommy wanted to offer up to the audience for the live show. In other words, Tommy was able to take the fear and friction away from having to be on Google+, and have all the live interaction in one place to give your audience a complete (and controlled) experience.

How did Page Fights begin? Pretty simple, actually. There is a lot of demand for Unbounce to provide landing page critiques, Tommy communicates a lot with the team at Unbounce as a guest blogger and peer in the conversion optimization community, so during a discussion at some point, the idea came up and Page Fights was born.

Note: The next round of Page Fights begins on July 11th, so if you have a landing page that you want to submit, head to and enter.

How do Hangouts really build your business?

Hangouts as a platform reduces friction (no software to download, watch anywhere), but still requires someone to do something after the show to convert. However, the format for Page Fights, a single landing page that contained the entire enriched user experience, reduced conversion friction by having the call to action (sign up for email) right on the page.

Let’s talk about the logistics behind an effort like Page Fights

First off, get the funnel set up at the beginning. How do you want the interaction to flow? Next, set up all the screenshares so you can flip between cameras easily. In the meantime, someone has to manage the camera so as multiple people are talking, the camera can stay focused on the right person (or screenshare). Next, someone has to be monitoring the social interaction, and across the board, have a group chat going on to keep each other abreast of issues, timing, etc.

Outside the live show, the team had to create all the assets, landing pages, and feeds for the show so that they could in fact take the hangout outside of G+, where everything is seamlessly integrated.

Tip: Remember to update the embed code for your YouTube video on the landing page from the trailer to the live show.

How did you get the word out about Page Fights?

Initially, Unbounce and ConversionXL reached out to their email lists, and encourage social sharing and inviting, which they tracked as best they could. They had some incentives for those who shared the invite the most, which drove up interest.

Trailers and quote graphics can take advantage of the nuggets and favorite moments that come out of live events, which you don’t normally get when you produce a scripted event.

What was the most important part of hosting Page Fights on a landing page?

For one thing, the preferred channels for lead-gen and customer service are email and Twitter. Both Unbounce and ConversionXL have established, highly-engaged tribes on both. Again, they wanted to utilize the fact Hangouts technology removes so many barriers, and combine that aspect with the idea that their audience didn’t have to watch or participate on Google+.

In the end, the focus was delivering a complete experience to the viewers on a landing page, which they could also track and test as conversion optimization experts. Kind of nice being able to practice what you preach for something like this, huh?

What are you changing for the next round?

When Page Fights starts back up on July 11th (reserve your spot here), the Page Fights team is going making a few changes based on the first experience and audience feedback:

  1. The show format is going to be one 1-hour show instead of three 30-minute shows. A winner will be crowned on the spot.
  2. They will bring on guest hosts to help broaden the reach of each event, since the guest host will inevitably share Page Fights with his/her network.
  3. Emails will become more than just notifications and reminders of the shows. They will be the primary conversation channel for audience perks, asking questions, tips, show notes, etc. (That’s a phenomenal idea right there, very value-added)
  4. The landing page itself will be tweaked (of course!)

Golden nugget for HOA producers: look for ways to get added buy-in outside the live event itself. Registration and attendance will increase when you can add opportunities for your audience to get involved in the show and/or get some “time in the sun.”

Check out Unbounce’s new ebook on webinar production, which covers a lot of what we talked about today. And go get ConversionXL’s 13 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates checklist.

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