Moderating Google+ Communities with Jeffrey Johnson

Moderating and Inspiring with Jeffrey Johnson

Moderating and Inspiring with Jeffrey Johnson

Moderating communities on Google+ is no small feat. A good moderator inspires and cultivates the relationships among the members, which leads to more business opportunities. Learn how from Jeffrey Johnson, an interior designer and moderator of the Interior Design Community.

Jeffrey’s approach to Google+ is collaborative and educational, a fantastic strategy.

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Show notes

1:54 – Jeffrey talks about why he likes to interact, how he started blogging, and explains how being involved in social media is a benefit to his clients.

8:59 – Stephan talks about how being a community member gives you the benefit of collaborating with other people and how this can bring you more opportunities.

11:20 – Jeffrey discusses how participating in the community in the morning inspires him for the day.

14:17 – Question from Ben “How did you discover that pictures and short sentences really worked for you when writing your blog?”

14:47 – Question from Kirsten Hancock “Do you post over to Pinterest too?”

14:57Question from Stephan – “Do you do blogs directly on G+? Or do you link over to them from your website?”

17:00 – Stephan talks about how clients pay attention on social media and it gives you the opportunity to build trust and show that you’re an expert and can add value.

19:50 – Stephan  talks about the idea of using the community as a community. Find nurturing communities that allow you to want to contribute and build your brand.

21:56 – Question from Marilyn Moore “Do you have any tips for community promotion and management?”

24:16 – Ben asks “How do you as a moderator look at a brand when they come to a community, and what tips do you give them?”

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