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How GoDaddy Supports Brand Advocates on Google+

How GoDaddy Supports Brand Advocates on Google+

Air Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 12:30pm ET.
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Global web hosting and domain registration company, GoDaddy, joins us on this week’s episode to talk with Stephan Hovnanian and Ben Fisher about how a multifaceted brand like GoDaddy uses Google+.

Colby Villa is part of the GoDaddy social media team that identifies and reaches out to brand advocates and influencers. He has some really interesting stories to tell us about how they support their community here on Google+, and how he coordinates his efforts with the other parts of the marketing team (brand messaging, customer support, etc.).

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Show notes and recap

GoDaddy has several “prongs” to their social media team: advocacy and influencers, customer support, and of course, brand messaging. If you regularly watch our show, you know that the open discussion format can take a few different paths…in today’s case, we were cranking through a firehose-style interview for the first fifteen minutes, so here’s a breakdown:

Favorite tools: Sprinkler (pulls in the mentions). They also use Tracker to identify advocates and influencers, and Buffer to coordinate brand messaging.

How do you get a mention or request from a user, that you normally wouldn’t field, over to the right person in the office to handle the request? Internal messaging and tools like Sprinkler can do that.

How do we get to be a GoDaddy influencer? (Question from Jeffrey Johnson) Being relevant and active with your area of expertise within the communities. Engagement is a true indicator.

You don’t have to have a large following to be an influencer (Tweet this)

How does someone get on your radar, especially due to the scale of mentions for a brand? Look at it this way, larger brands are seeing everything that relates to their brand. In GoDaddy’s case, all their mentions go into a queue to review. So if you want to get their attention, do something unique that speaks to them and showcases your area of expertise.

Are you only looking for social media experts? (Question from Cyd Rust) No, we’re looking for content experts.

Dramatic pause when Ben drops out mid-sentence at 10:55… (Tweet this)

How do you prioritize all the mentions and who you’re listening to? If it’s a live event, timely response is important obviously, so we just look at it and see are they really talking to us? Personal judgment comes into play, but we will definitely look at any questions and try to reply.

So in a live event, what happens if you’re monitoring a discussion but aren’t the right person to respond? We have some general replies where we can direct people to get support, or we can instant message someone in the organization to jump in. Regardless, we will respond to support-related questions so that the public sees that you responded (which is important for building brand equity).

How often does GoDaddy do hangouts? (Question from Jeffrey Johnson) We are new to hangouts this year, but starting in May we are going to have a monthly hangout about hosting performance.

GoDaddy also uses Circles in Google+ to send targeted invites based on who responds to different topics (great tip!)

How will GoDaddy use +Post Ads? It will be a great opportunity to drive awareness of our events and hangouts, especially since Facebook is limiting our ability to promote G+ links.

How does a small, unknown company build a nice sized following? If you want to attract followers, what are you putting out there and who are you reaching out to?

Initially, good content won’t be enough, you’ll need to engage with other people in communities for them to come check you out. (Tweet this)

What is one of your favorite results or experiences so far from Google+?

We are relaunching our reseller program in a big way, so we launched a hangout and invited some resellers to talk to us and get feedback from them. After the event, some resellers came to us to let us know that they created a Google+ Community called Wild West Stampede to be a collaborative feedback effort between GoDaddy and its resellers.

What is GoDaddy’s ultimate goal for social media and Google+?

Product awareness is obviously important, but the platform allows us to really connect with our customers and interact with the community as a whole. We are here for small businesses to help them grow their business.

We can also watch the conversations and learn passively what topics are hot with business and website owners. Possibly to create or improve our own products. And when we can, we jump into the conversation.

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