Google+ Beta User Aaron Wood on using G+ your way

Doing Google Plus Your Way with Aaron Wood

Doing Google Plus Your Way with Aaron Wood

Google+ beta users (those who joined the network when it was by invitation only, prior to the public launch in June of 2011) have this thing about making sure yo know they’re a beta user. Now that Google+ has become more of a mainstream platform, it is ripe with marketers telling everyone how to use Google+, creating rules, guides, and more so that the platform’s culture can be preserved.

Our guest today does things his own way, and it works. Aaron Wood is a freelance graphic designer, who has been around Google+ since the very beginning, built a massive following, all by following his own rules. Enjoy the discussion, and if you are here for business reasons, you will find some very keen takeaways.

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Show notes and recap:

1:53 – Aaron talks about himself and his business as a graphic designer.

3:12 – Stephan asks about what it was like before G+ went mainstream.

4:49 – Aaron talks about being on the SUL (Suggested User List) and getting thousands of followers with no engagement.

6:13 – Aaron talks about what inspired him to do “Shit People Say on G+” and how he “breaks” the rules that social media experts talk about with respect to his posting strategy.

12:55 – Stephan talks about posting original content or sharing others stuff and how it’s important to do your own thing.

13:55 – Aaron talks about his FB question of the day and how asking a question gets people talking.

16:21 – Aaron talks about how he’s on social media to make money and how it has amplified his money making capabilities.

18:12 – Aaron talks about being a consultant on different Kickstarter projects and how it’s important to give the people who are giving you money something in return. Also what to watch out for when doing a kickstarter coampaign.

26:08 – Comment from Denise Wakeman on making money on G+.

26:27 – Aaron talks about promoting your business on G+ and letting people know what you do from time to time without sounding needy.

28:34 – Stephan’s call to action – post what you do in the comments.

29:49 – Aaron talks about where you can find him and upcoming projects.


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