Unbounce: building community and opportunity on Google+

Unbounce: building community and opportunity on Google+

Unbounce: building community and opportunity on Google+

Today’s featured guest is Tia Kelly, the community manager for landing page optimization company, Unbounce. I am a big fan of their service, especially the ease of use and integration with my email marketing system. Tia and Unbounce were our first major brand here on the show, and you can tell in the production level. We worked out some questions and the agenda ahead of time (which is part of our process anyway), but the day of the show, Tia had one of her colleagues help out in the live event comments, which proved vital to the success of the live event, and made it easier for Ben and I as co-hosts to keep the discussion flowing.

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Google+ Business Spotlight Recap

I really hope Ben and I get to have Tia on again, we only scratched the surface in this 30-minute hangout about how Unbounce is using Google+. Below is a timestamped recap of the discussion:

1:16“Google+ is turning into one of my favorite platforms in terms of opportunity” (shout-outs to Ryan Hanley, Wade Harman, Rick Eliason).

1:57 – Unbounce back-story about how they built a tool to relieve the pain of marketers who have to rely on IT to build landing pages.

4:01 – Stephan’s profile optimization checklist landing page was built on Unbounce, the marketing automation is fantastic.

5:40 – Get this…using the word “get” didn’t perform the way we expected. But was it statistically significant?

7:47 – Mick Sharpe asks about the minimum amount of traffic for A/B tests.

10:06 – Tia talks about Unbounce’s presence across social, and how they’re using Google+.

12:19 – Conversion Heroes community

14:44 – Adam Koebel asks what makes Google+ special for Unbounce? **QUESTION OF THE DAY!**

17:16 – Tia tells us about a story about building relationships on Google+ **STORY OF THE DAY!**

19:17 – Unbounce’s favorite tools (shout-outs to Buffer and next week’s guest Sprout Social )

23:31 – Posting, sharing, brand advocacy, and discovering new content.


Thank you Tia, Unbounce, everybody who talks about the show using #gplusspotlight, you all rock!

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See you next week with Sprout Social on the Google+ Business Spotlight!

Bonus: Watch the hangout with clickable timestamps

When you share a video on Google+ and add the mm:ss timestamp in the post, it converts the time to a link that skips through the video (how cool is that?!). Below is the same recap from above in a navigable format, right on Google+. Enjoy!

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