Live shopping using Google+ Hangouts:

Live shopping using Google+ Hangouts –

Live shopping using Google+ Hangouts –

Today’s guest is Bethan Davies, owner of The CraftStar. And we are going to talk about how small, online store owners can use Google+ Hangouts on Air for live sales and brand exposure.

Google Plus Business Spotlight Recap

Tell me about your business:

The CraftStar is a small business housing and helping other small businesses. We built The CraftStar on two premises: community and live broadcasting. Both are very important to the people we want to attract and both are USPs to our competitors. We have a major competitor, but our focus on the above has set us apart from them.

“It takes a village to raise a child” and in this very competitive e-commerce environment, we encourage all our shop owners / stake holders to promote their business on The CraftStar which in turn, promotes the site as a whole.

I have used my business background, as well as my 25 years in TV and radio production, to create a site that stands out from the rest.

Why are you using Google Plus?

We have been using Google+ “inadvertently” for about 9 months via HOAs (Hangouts On Air). It wasn’t until about 2 months ago that I read somewhere about the importance of being active on Google+ for small businesses that I started to delve in.

Google + has become a great vehicle for my small business – The CraftStar – but more importantly a learning tool for ALL of our small businesses. The amount of info that comes out is often overwhelming, but so invaluable one would be stupid not to take heed.

We have been broadcasting LIVE on site for over a year, and within the last 2 months have started LIVE SALES for small business. We are the FIRST to do this, and have had the most amazing feedback for it. This has completely turned the tables for The CraftStar and we’re actively engaged in an investment opportunity to expand on this route.

Walk me through your daily routine

Wake up = check both Google + accounts.
Have coffee = check deeper into both G+ accounts
Get dressed = start feeling overwhelmed with all the info coming through
Noon = sitting under a mountain of fabulous G+ info.

Something like that. I have someone running our business G+ page, and I spend my time on G+ sharing GREAT info for our small business owners.

While I LOVE Google+, to participate properly is a HUGE time investment.

Are you using any specific Google Plus features?

I think we’re using G+ creatively in two different areas.

As our business is promoting our sellers and their items for sale, I was concerned that if we just kept listing those items, we’d look like we’re spamming. So I came up with an idea (ripped off from MTV from around the ’90s) of POP UP POSTS. You will see fun and interesting facts on all our posts.

I was hoping that adding this to otherwise basic pimping, it would create interest, and it has. These POP UP posts are our most shared content on Google+!

We also use HOAs A LOT. We use them for basic info proliferation, spotlight on our artists, and now, LIVE SALES. With my background in production and having consulted for The Home Shopping Network, I truly believe (and is quite obvious) = moving pictures sell. They really do!

Please give our viewers a Google Plus tip that you love

Be thankful. Be appreciative. ALWAYS credit the creator of something you share.


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