G+ Brand Page Management: Steady Demand

G+ Brand Page Management – Steady Demand

G+ Brand Page Management – Steady Demand

Today’s guest is Ben Fisher, owner of Steady Demand. And we are going to talk about how a company that offers a Google Plus brand page management tool uses Google Plus! I mean, who better than to learn from than someone who does this for a living, and helps other companies do the same?

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This Google+ Business Spotlight show is sponsored in part by Certified Hosting. 

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Google Plus Business Spotlight Recap

Tell me about your business

We produce tools that educate brand managers on how to effectively connect their brand pages to their websites and also how to manage your Google Plus business brand page or personal brand and get actionable information and alerts.

Beyond consulting, for companies that do not have the time or resources, we help businesses manage their Google Plus brand page, write content and guide them in proving a return on investment.

Why are you using Google Plus?

Having been in Internet marketing since 1994, I saw the convergence of Social and SEO a while ago. After doing some testing, we saw that search could be influenced, naturally, and companies that had penalties could use G+ to balance out the negative effects.

Add to that, the incredible ecosystem that Google has given us to make meaningful relationships and the ability to connect with like minded people.

Walk me through your daily routine

Wake up, go through notifications, respond to mentions and comment on interesting threads. See what people in my notify circles have shared for the day (share and comment if applicable).

Work with our team and go over strategies that meet our clients needs.

Are you using any specific Google Plus features?

Hangouts On-Air and communities; being able to support people and businesses in Google+ oriented communities demonstrates our expertise, and HOA’s give our brand amazing exposure.

Please give our viewers your best Google Plus tip

Be Unique, Be Yourself, Be Creative, Be Genuine. Be The Sketch!

S – Share what you like
K – Be Knowledgeable
E – Share your expertise
T – Be Thankful and Thoughtful
C – Be caring and Connect
H – Be Helpful

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