Sprout Social's approach to using Google+ as a team

Sprout Social’s approach to using Google+ as a team

Sprout Social’s approach to using Google+ as a team

This was a fantastic interview packed with tips on time management, relationship building, brand listening, and of course my favorite tool, Sprout Social . A huge thank-you to Brit Thompson and my co-host Rebekah Radice for being simply amazing! You’ll want to watch all of this if you are a small business who is trying to get a handle on how to have an effective presence on social media without spending hours upon hours a day.

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Google+ Business Spotlight Recap

1:27 – Introducing Sprout Social and Brit Thompson (and Sarah Mordis), and their roles on inbound and outbound activities for the brand on social networks.

3:26 – Listening is so important on social, hear what Brit has to say about how Sprout listens (they are sooo good at it) and how small businesses can easily manage social listening.

TIP: monitor brand keywords, misspellings, and your guest blog posts!

8:15 – Sprout has a Tasks feature for collaboration and team management, and Brit tells us all about it.

10:00 – Social CRM and relationship building takes center stage, as we talk about how Sprout’s tools facilitate this. From a business perspective, we can see who are our raving fans and we can build deeper relationships with them on various channels.

15:14 – On Google+ Sprout Social shares a ton of great content from their blog, http://sproutsocial.com/insights, but also content from others. How do you find content from around the web to share onto Google+?

TIP: Create circles of people who consistently talk about you (on any network), so you can interact with them, and continue building that relationship.

18:06 – Learn how Brit and Sarah identify the roles each one plays in the relationship building and brand communication strategy (useful tip even for smaller companies, chunk out your time by the role your brand needs to play).

19:33 – How are you using Google+ differently than other social networks? And how do you include the individuals behind the brand as individuals, versus as a page manager?

Person to person relationships and community building is more scalable and sustainable than trying to be the next viral phenomenon.

23:59 – Neil Ferree  asks about if Sprout Social’s analytics and reports help us identify influencers or the importance of a potential relationship or connection.

25:43 – Susan Serra  asks how Sprout Social compares to other tools for time-strapped business owners.

Sprout Social focuses on the relationships people are building with your brand on social media, where other tools provide a more comprehensive (and possibly overwhelming) look at the landscape across social media.

TIME MANAGEMENT TIP: In order for social media to not be a time suck, you have to know what you want to accomplish each time you log on.

31:59 – Are you seeing activity and results from your efforts here on Google+?

Google+ is a long-term strategy for Sprout Social and it’s working.

35:07 – Managing our time by using basic automation and the Sprout Q.

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