Edutainment: SEOWiSE takes Hangouts to a new level

Edutainment – SEOWiSE takes Hangouts to a new level

Edutainment – SEOWiSE takes Hangouts to a new level

Today’s featured guests are John Ellis, and Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales of SEOWiSE, an “edutainment platform for business on the web.” What’s “edutainment” you ask? It’s when you combine Google+ Hangouts on Air with professional-grade broadcasting equipment, to bring a new experience to business owners that need to learn about online marketing.

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Google+ Business Spotlight Recap

This was a really exciting interview, because we got to see the camaraderie between two members of a virtual team, and how each of them act as their brand’s voice. Below are the timestamps of key discussion points during the interview:

2:07 – John tells us about the origins and mission of SEOWiSE, web training, and hangout production.

5:20 – Alex stresses the importance of putting some of yourself into the voice of your brand. If your brand’s voice isn’t mostly congruent with your own personal voice, it will come through, sometimes in a negative way.

6:50 – John talks about how he and Alex collaborate on their content and brand page activity. The collaboration techniques help illustrate how the two of them are able to shift back and forth so easily between the brand voice and their own.

9:26 – Marilyn Moore (one of our Google+ for Small Business community moderators) brings up two fantastic questions:

You have to have a certain part of you in the brand, but not all of you. Can you elaborate?


Do you think it is important to be transparent about who is managing the page?

11:53 – Stephan talks about the importance of understanding the business whose page your managing, so you can be more authentic when communicating with other users on your posts.

13:13 – Mary Ianotti asks (and John tells us how he really feels about personas):

Did you define a persona for your brand? Do you use that persona when you manage your page?

16:07 – SEOWiSE uses Google+ Hangouts on Air for “office hours” as a show (much like this one). John tells us what goes into preparing for the show (they use Workflowy), and the technology behind the programming and broadcasting. For budding hosts looking to build consistent programming, this is a must-watch section!

 21:25 – John and Alex talk about how they collaborate and coordinate content to post on SEOWiSE (or use for their show). Hangouts chat helps keep the conversation going and ideas flowing before they get moved over to the more formal workflow systems.

24:24 – Kenneth Manesse Sr. asks:

Would you “always” share public with your voice? Even if you’re posting personal [topics]?

Alex hits the nail on the head with the question we have to ask ourselves when struggling with whether a post should go on our personal or business page. She recommends to answer the question, “Is this relevant to my brand?”

27:07 – Kirstin Hancock asks (great question here, talking about how often you post-and-reshare between your brand page and personal profiles):

How much do your posts cross over? Business to personal and vice versa?

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