Using Google Hangouts for Personal Training: Running Strong

Using Google Hangouts for personal training – Running Strong

Using Google Hangouts for personal training – Running Strong

Today’s guest is Janet Hamilton of Running Strong. Janet’s services include professional coaching for runners, walkers & multisport athletes as well as health & fitness. She specializes in injury prevention, distance running and ultradistance running.

Pay particular attention to how Janet is using Google+ Hangouts. It’s an incredible business model for anybody who offers one-on-one professional services, or is on the speaking circuit.

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Google Plus Business Spotlight Recap

Tell me about your business

Headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area, our goal is to provide top-notch professional coaching and training assistance to athletes of all ages and abilities, enabling them to reach their best performances and avoid injury. The primary mechanism for accomplishing this goal is athlete education and a systematic and functional approach to training. We train athletes from all over the world – virtually! We also work with athletes local to the Atlanta, Georgia area.

I started this business in 1999 and found that by answering questions on forum pages online that I could not only offer assistance to athletes but also generate interest in my services as a running coach. This form of “giving” in order to generate interest and business has been my model all along and it seems to be something I hear a lot of folks on G+ talking about.

Why are you using Google Plus?

Primarily for the ability to utilize Google+ Hangouts to showcase what I can offer to athletes and also to coaches. I look at it as an opportunity to LEARN more about marketing, social media, SEO, etc. I also look at it as an opportunity to showcase my business in a way I’ve not been able to before (live video). I use private Hangouts to evaluate clients who are distant from me and unable to make it to Atlanta for an in-person assessment. I use Business Hangouts (an app that runs on top of Hangouts to create a “webinar” feel) to teach webinars to certified coaches (I am a certified continuing education provider through the American College of Sports Medicine).

Walk me through your Google Plus routine

I participate heavily in private communities so my routine is more conversational and using the platform versus marketing my business. However, I plan to start adding more marketing and posting in the future.

Are you using any specific Google Plus features?

Hangouts for private one-on-one consultations, Hangouts On Air (HOA’s) for marketing Running Strong, and a Hangouts app called Business Hangouts that adds a webinar workflow to Google+ Hangouts (to replace or supplement my in-person speaking engagements).

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