Michlin Metals: when your industry isn't digital, should you be?

Michlin Metals – when your industry isn’t digital, should you be?

Michlin Metals – when your industry isn’t digital, should you be?

Today’s guest is Michael Bennett of Michlin Metals, Inc., a distributor and supplier of stainless steel. According to Michael, “If it plugs into an outlet, the metal industry wants nothing to do with it.” In other words, there is very little thought put into the web presence for his industry, and this transcends to search.

What an opportunity!

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Google Plus Business Spotlight Recap

Tell me about your business

Michlin Metals is a Woman Owned Small Business that is AS 9120 and ISO 9001 certified. As of 2014, we will have been in business 30 years. Michlin is a distributor and supplier of stainless steel, aerospace metal, aluminum, aircraft alloys and other metals for the defense, medical, aerospace and manufacturing industries. Michlin Metals can have material processed so that when a customer places an order, it’s on a single PO vs. having to write many for all the different steps needed in obtaining their finished product. With Michlin, one call does it all.

Why are you using Google Plus?

To develop a niche here before the rest of the world starts to realize that it’s a platform to create solid connections and offers a unique way to develop a brands identity.

Walk me through your daily routine

I usually post an image in the am and the pm under my personal profile, I then post a relevant post to Michlin Metals perhaps an HOA (Hangouts on Air) I have done or an article about metals. I spend a great deal of time commenting on others posts and also do HOAs for people who talk about Google Plus so it can help me gain exposure across the platform, which ultimately could benefit my business.

Are you using any specific Google Plus features?

HOAs for business when I had a metallurgist was an extremely unique way of carving out my niche, that has been put on the back burner as the metallurgist backed out on me for now. Autoawesome images are another great way to liven up your content and Michlin Metals owns that community.

Please give our viewers your best Google Plus tip

Formatting your posts is a great tip, being courteous is a great tip, especially as a brand page because people have a hard time warming up to us. Sharing others’ content first is a great tip, then you’ll get exposure so people will pay attention to your posts.


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