Lisahov's Health & Fitness: Do I use a brand page or a profile?

Lisahov’s Health & Fitness – Brand Page or Profile?

Lisahov’s Health & Fitness – Brand Page or Profile?

Today’s guest is Lisa Hovnanian of Lisahov’s Health & Fitness. Lisa is a Beachbody coach and, like most Beachbody coaches, has a primary social presence on Facebook. However, since she started integrating Google+ into her routine a few months ago, she’s seen some positive benefits, which we’ll talk about in the interview.

It’s important to note, also, that Lisa uses Google+ as a Page, and does not use her Profile at all.

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Tell me about your business

I am an Independent Beachbody coach, and help people achieve their health and fitness goals. I’m a mom of 3, and after our third child I decided to focus on getting back in shape. I had plateaued on Weight Watchers and the elliptical machine, so my friend told me about P90X (a Beachbody product). I saw great results from it, but was also encouraged to start eating better, so I tried Shakeology (a dense nutrition shake with over 70 superfoods). The combination of exercise and eating better got me to my goal weight, feeling fantastic and totally changed my life. Since I was already in love with the products I became a Beachbody coach, and help others choose workout programs, find healthy alternatives to their favorite meals, and support them in challenge groups.

Why are you using Google Plus?

Beachbody primarily recommends Facebook for social networking, and for a good reason: the lifestyle-oriented business fits well with the platform. However, it’s also saturated with Beachbody coaches, so I decided to branch out into Google+. After some basic training and an understanding of how the platform is different from Facebook, I’ve found a way to work Google+ into my routine, and am pretty happy with the results.

Walk me through your daily Google+ routine

I schedule my posts on Facebook throughout the day, so I keep a similar set of posts handy for Google+ so I can just copy and paste. I’ll usually post about 5 times a day, both to my Page and also within communities. Throughout the day I’ll reply to +mentions and comment on other people’s posts, especially in the fitness communities I belong to. Even though I have a specific routine, because I’m active throughout the day in bits and pieces, it doesn’t come off as structured as it may seem. I think that’s a positive thing for this platform.

Are you using any specific Google+ features?

Not yet, but at some point I plan to use a private community for a challenge group. My groups are on Facebook right now and I see how Google+ communities have better organization and some other features that could benefit my challengers.

Please give our viewers a Google+ tip

Respond to comments, especially on your own posts. And when you respond, be sure to +mention the individual, because they get a notification that says you mentioned them. That, versus simply getting a notification that there was a comment, helps you build relationships. I also try to get to any shares of my posts and thank people for sharing.

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