Local+Video+Engagement=Success! Dr. Isaac Porter, MD

Local+Video+Engagement = Success! Dr. Isaac Porter, MD

Local+Video+Engagement = Success! Dr. Isaac Porter, MD

Today‚Äôs featured guest is Dr. Isaac Porter of Lowry Porter Opthalmology, an ophthalmologist located in Raleigh, NC. Dr. Porter has developed a fantastic method for getting himself out there on Google+, and YouTube, to help prospective patients learn more about his practice. Watch the interview to see whether his methods are working…

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Google+ Business Spotlight Recap

How great was this interview? Let’s put it this way: Ben Fisher (my co-host) and I are proficient at Google+, and sell services related to Google+ to our clients. We help add strategy and examples to the discussion when our guests bring up a great point about posting, sharing, acting as a brand page, etc. Dr. Porter was so good, Ben and I could have left the show and gone out for a burger.

1:15 – Dr. Porter tells us about taking over the practice of an older eye care practitioner.

2:19 – Raleigh, NC has quite the Google+ crowd, which introduced Dr. Porter to users who helped him get familiar with the platform and its capabilities. Dr. Porter talks about how he balances their practice’s business page and his personal profile.

5:32 – Learn the secret to the strategy for brand pages

[hint: it involves posting and sharing the right type of content, and there’s a whole chapter devoted to this in my ebook, Google+ Pro Tips: Strategies for Posting and Sharing on Google+]

6:30 – How has being active on Google+ and your video marketing affected your business, especially since you only serve a local market?

  1. The social signals have built trust with existing patients.
  2. The video marketing creates a one-on-one relationship before the patient even steps in the office.
  3. Yes, local people who happened to find their videos have walked into their office to become patients.

10:40 – Marilyn Moore (one of our Google+ for Small Business community moderators) asks:

With a full time opthalmology practice, how much time do you spend on G+ daily/weekly? Same question for content creation

12:39 – We’ve talked marketing so far, but has the global collaboration capability on Google+ been useful for your business? (This was a fantastic story about a procedure that isn’t available in the US)

17:05 – Mike Bayes asks a great question for local businesses on Google+:

How do reviews play into your Google+ strategy?

19:36 – Dr. Porter talks a little about patient confidentiality and social media.

22:25 – We recap Dr. Porter’s success as a result of a refined process and strategy that doesn’t take a lot of time each week.


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