Local Photography and Google+ with CJP Photos

Local Photography and Google+ with CJP Photos

Local Photography and Google+ with CJP Photos

Today’s guest is Christopher Jennings Penders of CJP Photos, a local (Madison, CT) photographer and blogger. Christopher has been on Google Plus for a long time, and has a different strategy than you may expect for a photographer.

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Tell me about your business

I’ve been showing and selling my photography since 2000. My website has been active since 2001. I shoot mostly landscape and nature and many local events in Madison, Connecticut. All the parades, many of the town ceremonies etc.

Why are you using Google Plus?

I’ve used Google+ since it came online, having received a beta invite in August 2011. All of my Social Media activity is used to promote my business and my three blogs. I have experienced the greatest success on G+ than any other Social platform I’ve been on.

Walk me through your daily routine

I have G+ has my homepage and I’m on it ALL the time. I do my best to be interactive w/everyone in my circles. I share lot’s of content and comment on much as well. If I want to get the interaction myself, I understand I must be the first to reach out.

Are you using any specific Google Plus features?

I’ve used hangouts but not for my business as of yet, I don’t particularly like all the dancing gifs that are beginning to proliferate here on G+ as they sometimes cause ocular migraines for me, so I’m not using Autoawesome.

Please give our viewers your best Google Plus tip

Don’t expect to join G+ and not be active here. This isn’t that OTHER network. If you expect to be successful, you MUST reach out first.


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