Don’t build traffic, build audience – Yifat Cohen

Don’t build traffic, build audience – Yifat Cohen

AIR DATE: Wednesday, July 16th, 2014, 12:30pm ET
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This week we welcome Yifat Cohen aka Your G+GoTo Gal, to talk to us about her passion of Google+, hangouts, and business. Bring your questions and your notepad, this is going to be fantastic!

About Yifat Cohen:
Yifat – also known as your G+GoTo Gal, is passionate about the possibilities Google plus brings to our lives and to our business. She is a Google+ veteran, and you can find her discussing Google+ strategies, Google+ marketing, engagement and relationship building on her weekly hangout show -Unscripted!

Connect with Yifat: Web | Google+ | YouTube | Twitter

Google+ Business Spotlight – Recap

Yifat is a seasoned veteran of Google Plus Hangouts on Air, which means she helped us amp up our production today, starting with an awesome intro using her green screen, and a hidden filmstrip so we could tend to our live audience without looking like we were bored of the person speaking.

And we originally wanted to talk about green screens and camera effects, but first we started with “why hangouts” and it kind of went off on an amazing tangent from there.

How can Hangouts help small business?

Internally, companies can use Hangouts as a collaboration tool, for free, which helps speed up how things get done, because they get done in real time.

For events businesses host, they can bring in high-level guest speakers using Hangouts, by projecting the speaker on a screen at the live event. This means no cost to fly the speaker to the event, but the same effect as having them on stage.

For conferences or large-scale events, you can sell virtual tickets to watch the event broadcasted live via Hangouts. This is an additional revenue stream with very little overhead.

TIP: With Chromecast, you can cast your laptop directly to the screen instead of using a projector, for a much higher quality output.

What is the biggest difference between Google Hangouts and other broadcasting mediums?

Put simply, the level of live engagement you put on your show is what will make people want to put aside what they are doing to watch and interact with your show, versus deciding not to watch, or watch later.

This live interaction helps you build real relationships with your audience, who become brand advocates. “We are no longer spectators, we are active participants,” states Yifat, and she’s totally right.

Watch the replay, just watch it

Normally, I will go through the whole discussion and pick out nuggets, themes, and talking points that will help you get a sense of what we talked about. In this show, I can’t do that, and I’m sorry. You need to set aside the time to get the experience of the live show, and understand why people on Google Plus are so passionate about Google Plus, and what it can do for your business.

In the meantime, shout-outs to our audience, the 225+ comments on the live event page, and the people who tweet about our show like Jennifer Marshall and Denise Wakeman, who are email subscribers that attended live and whose comments we could bring into our discussion. You see how that example comes full circle? That is what we talked about on this show.

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