Lori Sawaya and how color affects our Google+ strategy

How color affects our Google+ strategy

How color affects our Google+ strategy

With Google+ becoming increasingly visual, color strategies in our image selection become critical parts of our strategies. This week’s guest is Lori Sawaya of The Land of Color, who knows a thing or two about this topic.

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Show notes and recap

1:21 – Lori talks about how long posts and adding images on G+ are helping to get traffic to her website.

4:31 – Lori talks about strategic posts and how it’s worth the effort to spend more time on G+ photos. Also on linking photos to Pinterest boards and blog posts.

5:58 – Question from Jeffrey Johnson “How did you get started in the color arena?”

7:47 – Lori discusses her ebook and how it came about.

9:58 – Lori talks about how we can use color on blog posts, etc., to speak to different cultures.

12:46 – Jeffrey Johnson asks “Do you concentrate color strategy in one industry or multiple industries?”

14:45 – Lori talks about good strategies for creating posts on G+.

17:53 – Lori talks about computer generated palettes and algorithms of color schemes. Also talks about the consistency across computer/mobile devices.

20:19 – Useful links for color schemes and font suggestions.

21:25 – Lori talks about build in G+ apps and how they can help (great support, user friendly).

23:53 – Lori talks about using color in call to action links above images.

26:55 – Lori talks about her new app coming out.

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