Circloscope: a first look (and some G+ circle tips)

Circloscope: a first look (and some G+ circle tips)

AIR DATE: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014, 12:30pm ET
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This week we welcome Christine DeGraff, Craig Fifield and Dustin W. Stout to talk about Circloscope. If you are looking for one of the most robust tools to manage your Google Plus circles, Circloscope is it, and it is relaunching this week with a gorgeous UI, expanded feature set, and so much more.

We were the first show to feature the new Circloscope, so in this interview we turned the floor over to Christine and Craig to demo the product and go through some best practices. As a result, this show is a bit different than most, so below you will find a distilled list of takeaways we talked about during the show. If any of these things are of interest to you, watch the episode to see how to do it in Circloscope.

Finding new people from Events

Create circles of event attendees, not just for your own events, but for those events that are similar in topic to yours. Then you can invite them to your event, or at least share a post with them explaining why you are inviting them to your event.

Finding new people from Activity and Interest

People who are not active on Google+, and are not following you back, are most likely not interested in you. Influencers, clients, family members, etc. are still people you would still want to keep in your circles, so you can now whitelist these names so you do not accidentally clean them out of your circles. For the rest of those who are not active or not following you back, think hard about wanting to keep them in your circles. Finally, you can blacklist those people who you do not want to accidentally re-circle using Circloscope.

Community and Lead Management

Dustin talked about how he moves people from circle to circle according to the level of relationship he has with certain users. Circloscope allows him to set up queries that ensures people remain in one and only one circle as they get moved around. This is extremely helpful when prospecting.

Some best practices for circle management

Google+ has limitations on how many people you can add to your circles in total (5,000) and there are also daily limits. So, when managing your circles using a bulk tool like Circloscope, some best practices are in order to keep the people you’re managing in your circles highly relevant.

  • Exclude “blue heads” (users with no profile photo) from your circles.
  • Look at recent activity on Google+ and exclude those who are not very active.
  • When looking for engagers, focus on comments and shares. Those people are more engaged than users who simply +1 a post.
  • When looking at engagers on your posts, give yourself a long enough timeframe (1-2 weeks for example)
  • When looking at relevance from the plot graph on the dashboard, choose someone in the middle range of the graph and do some analysis from there.

Shameless self-promotion: be sure to grab a copy of Google+ Pro Tips: Managing Your Google+ Circles from Stephan Hovnanian to put some of these ideas, and other circle strategies & techniques, in play for your business. Circloscope makes it so much easier.

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