Building Business Relationships on Google Plus – Steady Demand

Building Business Relationships on Google Plus – Steady Demand

AIR DATE: Wednesday, June 4, 2014
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This week, Ben Fisher and Stephan Hovnanian are flying solo to talk about Ben’s company, Steady Demand, who first appeared on the show six months ago. Since then, great things have happened, so a recap is in order, along with news about an exciting project Steady Demand is going to be rolling out shortly. Fellow Steady Demand teammate, Dustin W. Stout, joins us as well.

Google+ Business Spotlight Recap

In this “where are they now” episode (although you see the two of us every week), Ben and I talk about making connections and building business relationships here on Google+. I met Ben in 2013 via various Google+ related experiments and public discussions, we hit it off, and when I started the Google+ Business Spotlight show in December, invited him on to showcase his company’s new Google+ analytics tool, Steady Demand Pro. The show was a great success, and Steady Demand even pulled in some signups as a result of the exposure.*

Back to relationships, as you know, Ben is now a co-host of the show, I have joined Steady Demand as their Director of Operations, and Dustin W. Stout joined the team the same time as a Social Media Consultant. All because of being active on Google Plus and networking with other like-minded people.

Walking the Walk

At the 9:00 mark in the interview, Ben brings up an outstanding point. We can talk about being authentic, best practices, and engagement until we’re blue in the face, but in the end, we have to practice what we preach.

The team at Steady Demand uses this thought leadership, through its team, to enable businesses to harness the power and feature set of Google Plus even if they aren’t capable (for whatever reason) of being active themselves through brand page management.

Now here’s an interesting question for you: if you are going to outsource your social media presence, you do have to walk the line of being authentic and trustworthy, even if you aren’t the actual company doing the engagement. Isn’t this an issue?

Dustin’s answer at about the 11:00 mark is spot-on. Essentially, he says you would hire someone to be your brand’s voice on social media, why does this person have to be an internal employee? Being able to hire an experienced professional on a particular platform, and becoming highly engaged with the company so that person can represent your brand voice online, is far more productive than doing this internally.

Both the Brand Page Audit tool and Steady Demand Pro were tools built out of necessity for Steady Demand’s own clients. What better way to walk the walk?

All good ideas are born from alcohol, coffee, and Vegas: Introducing Brandmaster’s Page Clinics

At the 15:00 mark, Steady Demand unveils its latest project: Brandmaster’s Page Clinics. We see a lot of questions in our Google Plus for Small Business community about business page strategy, troubleshooting, etc. We also have techniques that we use for our clients that could be helpful for other businesses to learn about managing brand pages on Google+. Some are etiquette, some are strategic, all are helpful.

The format will be clinic-style, with lots of questions and answers, open discussion, maybe even pulling people into the filmstrip. We are going to use a webinar format through Business Hangouts, an app that sits on top of Google+ Hangouts on Air, and allows us to reach beyond just Google+ to other platforms where business owners might be thinking about Google Plus, but might have concerns.

At least fifty people, between this live discussion and some teasers we’ve put out there, have expressed interest right from the start. If you’re interested in this clinic, by the way, drop a comment into the event page for this hangout, or send this tweet to Stephan and Ben so we can get more info to you:

Hey @stephanhov @thesocialdude, tell me more about the Brandmaster’s Page Clinic

A special shout-out to Unbounce and Conversion XL for the inspiration on our format, by the way.

*This is not the first time Google+ Business Spotlight has been the conduit for networking and new business. Steady Demand picked up another client due to the thought leadership and trust built by Ben and I on both this show, and others we’ve been guests on. One of our guests, Tia Kelly from Unbounce, said

“I can definitely say being on your show kind of was my “lightbulb” moment that proved Google+ could be a viable platform for me to invest time in for +Unbounce. Can’t repeat enough how awesome it’s been to meet all the people in this community! “

How about you? Have you had an experience on Google+ where you’ve been able to generate direct business or networking relationships? Tell us about it in the comments.

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